Edit Suite Video: Vincent Price Visits Vizcaya

Welcome to Learning From Miami’s Edit Suite Video, a new feature that takes you into the editing room where LFM’s video series is being put together. Edit Suite Video will showcase historic film and video clips, complete and uncut, that have been selected for LFM’s video series and may appear, in whole or part, in the Learning From Miami videos now in production. Think of it as a video editor’s view of a developing project.

The first Edit Suite Video packs some serious Sixties star power: It’s a clip of bonafide Hollywood movie star Vincent Price touring Vizcaya in June 1966. Price, an art connoisseur and gourmet chef, was examining restoration work at the bayfront palazzo, and in an interview he marvels at Vizcaya’s “wonderful display of opulence.”

No movie talk from Price, which would have been fun: Career-wise, the actor was between two 1960s oddities that have become cult classics: Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine, released in 1965, and Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs, coming up later in 1966.



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