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Coral Castle

Often associated with the engineering triumphs of Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid of Egypt, Coral Castle was built by a reclusive eccentric named Edward Leedskalnin, who excavated gigantic quarried stones to construct his mysterious castle. Originally located in the tiny town of Florida City in the 1920’s, the site was later moved to its current location in Homestead, Florida. 

According to legend, when Ed was 26 years old, he fell for a sixteen year old named Agnes Scuffs and proposed. A day before the ceremony Agnes called off the wedding and broke off the engagement. Brokenhearted, Ed set out on a mission to create a shrine dedicated to his lost love. Ed worked alone and built the Coral Castle over a 28 year period, carving and sculpting over 1,100 tons of coral rock, as a shrine to his lost love Agnes. 

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Learning From Miami has compiled some of our weirdest and most romantic wedding clips.

A Wedding at Coral Castle

In this 1974 clip, two lovebirds said I do at a Valentine’s Day wedding ceremony at Coral Castle.

Chimpanzee Wedding Guest

A chimpanzee mingles with guests at a wedding reception in this circa 1960’s Miami wedding clip.

 Dog Wedding

Puppy love is in the air in this 1975 clip, where a poodle named Zsa Zsa marries a dog named Romi.

 For Better or for Worse

Three married couples in their golden years share their secrets to everlasting love.


-Ursa Gil

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