Miami’s Two Arenas


Do you remember going to your first show at the Miami Arena? Many of us who grew up in Miami have fond memories of that pastel pink amphitheater in Downtown with its name scribbled in white cursive letters across the front of the building. We had a totally awesome time at the Miami Arena, whether we were rocking out to our first concert there, or cheering for our favorite team at our first sporting event. The Miami Arena’s small size and dated 1980s decor would eventually contribute to its demise. By the mid-1990s, plans for a bigger, more modern venue were already in the works. On December 31, 1999, the Miami Arena was replaced with the larger, more modern American Airlines Arena located just a few blocks east on Biscayne Boulevard. The Miami Arena was later demolished in 2008. Enjoy a trip down memory lane with this clip of the Miami Arena and the future site of the American Airlines Arena.


-Ursa Gil


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