Video: Opa-locka City Hall

After a dizzying couple of decades as bicyclist, motorcyclist and aviation pioneer, Glenn Curtiss cashed out his stock in the¬†Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company and “retired” to Florida, where he started 18 corporations, served on a variety of local commissions, and donated land and water rights; of more immediate interest to LFM, Cutiss co-developed the city of Hialeah with James Bright, a cattleman from Missouri, and all but created the cities of Opa-locka and Miami Springs. Miami Springs, nearest the airfield, was where Curtiss built his family home, in the Pueblo style he chose as the theme for that city.

Opa-Locka, famously, was built around an “Arabian Nights” theme, with architect Bernhardt E. Muller designing such flights of fancy as the City Hall, which originally also served as the headquarters of the city’s development corporation. This mid-1970s footage captures what may be America’s most distinctive city hall standing pink and proud at the intersection of Opa-Locka and Sharazad Boulevards.

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