Video: MiMotels on Beautiful Biscayne Boulevard

Tourism is the mainstay of South Florida’s economy, and that was as true half a century ago as it is now. In 1963, when WTVJ aired this footage of motels and motel rate signs on Biscayne Boulevard, “tourist season” still meant something: Miami was not yet the year-round snowbird destination we know today.  This clip is evidence of the close eye South Florida news outlets kept on the region’s Number One Industry.

For us this clip offers a glimpse of Biscayne Boulevard’s Motel Row in its MiMo heyday. It’s bustling — and bustin’ out all over with mid-century architectural energy. In this clip you can glimpse motels like the Shalimar and the Siesta, the Cadillac and Lorelea. And the prices! (Bear in mind that 1963’s five-dollar double room would go for just a bit short of forty dollars today, adjusted for inflation. Still sounds like a bargain!)

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