Peeling Back Miami’s Layers

Andres Viglucci writes about the archaeological dig now wrapping up in downtown Miami:

“In urban archaeology, the backhoe is a time machine: Scrape away a mountain of asphalt, dirt and rock near the river in downtown Miami, and the city’s buried history, centuries of it, suddenly comes to light in a startling reveal.”

Hotel Royal Palm, Miami

Henry Flagler’s Hotel Royal Palm. Photo courtesy Florida Memory Project.

That lead grabbed us right away and the story gets better as it goes along. Led by Bob Carr, the dig reveals that Miami “has a longer and more layered history than many of the tens of thousands of downtown office workers who daily throng the area can imagine.” Among the layers: Flagler’s Royal Palm Hotel, Tequesta artifacts, the original shoreline of the Miami River, and more. And then there’s the layer to come — Met Square, an entertainment complex.

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