One Herald Plaza Memory Bank

The Miami Herald Building’s end times present a good opportunity to look back on the history of the building, and the Wolfson Archives’ YouTube channel has started a new playlist, “One Herald Plaza Memory Bank,” featuring clips that document One Herald Plaza’s past.

Among them: Excerpts from a film produced about 1963 by Miami filmmaker Fred Frink. At the time, the Herald Building was a modern marvel. The film’s hyperbolic narration, typical of mid-century industrial and classroom films, calls the building a “…magnificent, giant, new plant…a self-contained city with over 1200 inhabitants” with a “rooftop runway on which six helicopters can land simultaneously” — which sounds to us like a very big news day indeed.

The first Frink clip features the Herald’s business office, located in the upper lobby of the building, and the Classified Ad and News departments, wire room and the newsroom. At one point the newsroom is characterized by this ironic bit of narration: “Listen – notice how quiet it is.”

It’s even quieter now.

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