One Herald Plaza Memory Bank Adds More Memory

The Wolfson Archives’ look at One Herald Plaza when it was new continues with another clip in its YouTube playlist, One Herald Plaza Memory Bank. The new clip, from a film produced by Miami filmmaker Fred Frink, offers a behind-the-scenes look at the Women’s Department and the process of preparing news stories for publication. And condescending, sexist narration: “From these typewriters [in the paper’s Women’s Department] come stories of the latest fashions for Milady…” While the narration betrays the attitudes of its time, the pictures tell what might be a more nuanced story, showing a fair number of women at work at the Herald.

Finished stories zip from the Women’s Department in pneumatic tubes, ending up at the Mechanical Department to be set in linotype, by the early 1960s a highly mechanized process that includes a computer (“computing device” in 1963-speak) and an “Electron” linotype machine.

Another highlight of this clip is a quick glimpse of legendary Herald sportswriter Edwin Pope, working the phones at the very head of the clip.

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