One Herald Plaza Memory Bank: Linotype, Cliches and Stereotypes

The Wolfson Archives’ movie tour of One Herald Plaza when it was new continues, getting into the nitty-gritty technical details of publishing a newspaper fifty years ago. The new clip in the Archives’ playlist, “One Herald Plaza Memory Bank,” takes viewers on a whirlwind trip through the lost world of metal type and engraved plates, beginning in the Herald’s composing room and photo studio.

The paper’s “spacious and modern” engraving department is next. Featured: A look at the “revolutionary new Clichograph,” a massive machine that scans photos and engraves printing plates automatically. Then it’s on to the “new and modern” stereotype department.

No, not that kind of stereotype. In this case we’re talking about printing plates, although it’s not too hard to spot the other kind of stereotypes in this half-century old film, produced by Miami-based filmmaker Fred Frink.


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